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Life & Career Coach
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Life & Career Coaching

By Katie Rose Cotroneo

How Coaching Can help you

If you're in need of assistance in a particular area or multiple areas of your life, a coach can help you. Coaching is not for those in need of a counselor or therapist. I believe that every person is aware of their path, it is just a matter of removing the road blocks.

Coaching helps you strengthen your skills to make effective choices for a more balanced and fulfilling life. Coaching will allow you to self-reflect on different areas of your life such as career direction, current relationships, personal health & well-being, finances, and lastly, spirituality.

How I Can help you

By using self-reflection, you will learn to realize what is valued as importance in your life. I will assist you in creating a plan and implementing realistic goals to achieve. In doing this, we will acknowledge and remove all obstacles that are preventing you from achievement and fulfillment.

Together we will celebrate all of your progress!

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